Coon Hound Boot Camp

Welcome to 2010 Coon Hound Boot Camp! 

For some (many in fact) the words "boot camp" make them feel like cowering in a fetal position under the kitchen sink.
If this is you,  I will attempt to put your mind at ease.

Stay OFF the scales

I mean it! The folks that focused on their weight put on the pounds!!! First of all, you will gain some when you start putting on muscle. That will fade as you increase your metabolic rate with the increased muscle mass. No, you aren't going to "get bulky" either, ladies...not unless you're "on something!" You MUST stay off the scales for the first month so you can properly nourish your body! That being said...You WILL see results very quickly in terms of how your clothes fit and HOW YOU FEEL...isn't THAT the most important thing anyway? C'mon!

You WILL have fun!
All 40 or so locals who have gone through this have survived. Feel empowered and happy, knowing you've done what you never thought you could! We're like family, each person celebrating and supporting the other no matter what shape she/he is in!

You get out what you put in
So, if you meander your way through (completely up to you. It's your money) and then go home and gorge on Dove chocolates, you will probably not see much of a change in your body.

You WILL progress.
Every single person I have had (who puts in an honest effort) has progressed in strength and endurance levels.

I have had 6 year olds and 65 year olds go through this circuit

 I will team you up with a buddy who is at your fitness level. So if you give up, you will let your partner down! There's an incentive!

You ready?! It's all about your ability. Each exercise has beginners, intermediate and advanced options. Believe me, I don't want anyone to get hurt and be out for the rest of the summer. I'll tell you, based on your physical fitness level, what is off limits.

You are NOT alone.
$50/month or $8/session
Mondays & Wednesdays 6pm
Saturdays 9am
(through October)